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Sombre silence
Banshee Screams
Penetrate and Scrape
Heart and Soul
Time and Place
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The Human Race
Small Feet Scamper
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I want
Freedom and Solace
Emotion, Devotion
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I Crave
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A man in a black coat walked down a dark, empty hall. He passed rooms like streetlamps, one after another, identical but for numbers on plaques counting down as he moved towards his goal.
For a moment he stopped, standing upright, head craned to the side, listening for any noise behind him. When he was sure that he was completely alone, he reached into his pocket and produced a carton and selected a long, thin cigarette.
Lighting it with an expensive silver bullet lighter, his face glowing momentarily in the gloom, he continued to walk. He sucked on the filter like it was candy, a sweet treat, inhaling and exhaling, leaving a trail of smoke in his wake.
He stopped at the end of the hall, just as it connected to another corridor to the right. He stared ahead of himself, determination on his lined face that said all too well that he was much to old for this kind of shit.
With a heave, he took another drag on his cigarette, half eaten by the cinders. Time moved quickly here, he reminded h
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TCM: Late Night Special
Ocean winds drifted softly from the beach, passing through the bustling streets, and stirred luscious grass into motion. Springtime flowers danced in the midday dew- daisies, daffodils, and bright coloured tulips- desperation in their small faces to dry themselves as they licked up midday sun. Yards away, children tossed and tumbled, spoiling their Sunday best with a old chequered ball and a moth eaten net, while two lengthening shadows- one a woman and one a man- conversed under velvety blooming blossoms; windswept, swirling down, caressing hair and cheek to cling with precious adornment. Light seeps through the kindly reaching branches of their looming guardian, silhouetting their blushing faces. The man murmurs words of tender feeling to which the woman's lips quiver, deceiving the swiftly silent man; his hand advances a distance, but his gesture goes unnoticed; the woman's quake becomes a sigh of laughter which parades the grounds, drawing a sigh a relief from her mindful com
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Eternal Life (Tentative Title)
Eternal life, one would think, is merely a myth, isn't it? Something from the realms of fairytales, bedtime stories, campfire tales; told in the dark to set the heart in motion. When one is young, under the covers, surrounded by sleep, fearing the demons and the bumps in the night, not a thought passes what it would be like on the other side; to be that monster feared by children and hunted by the superstitious. No one does, and, over time, not a thought to what lurks in the dark enters the thoughts of the every day folk. They move, unawares, throughout the city, cautious, but oblivious to the dangers of the streets. They don't see what I do, and they most certainly don't see me.
The life of I have now is not one I regret. Some people might find this hilarious, but I can, with almost certainty, say that I'm content. I watch, I observe: the life I had before not much different, really. My first life, my human life, was filled with the same mundanely tedious business, the same observance
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Intervju Continued
Continuation of my (fictional for my story "Musikk") Geir Zahl interview. This one is more direct than the other one; much more simple and not all wishy washy.
Once again, just for fun; everything in this text is from the point of view of my fictitious Geir, and his views and opinions in no way reflect my own. Just thought I'd make that clear....
Further Note: "A" stands for answer, of course.
What is your favourite thing to eat?
A: I've always been really fond of Tempura. Mostly Vegetable, though the seafood kind isn't bad.
What is your biggest fear?
A: Heights; simply heights. Can't stand anything over 12 feet in the air. I've always been told that it's because I'm small, but that someone who told me was Terje, and I think he's just getting back at me for making fun of him before his growth kicked in (late) and he gained an inch or so on me.
What is your temperament? Are you calm, aggravated easily, hyper, moderate?
A: I'm a pretty calm person for the most part, but when something ha
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Musikk: Intervju
This is obviously not a REAL Geir Zahl interview, this is just for fun ad totally based of Geir from my story Musikk. It was just to gain me some insight into my Geiry's head :) Also, I went WAY beyond with this; I actually pretended like this was an official magazine interview... bare with me haha.
Your Personal Portal Into Celebrity Minds
Down a long strip of a small semi-suburban neighbourhood freckled with boutiques and coffee joints in the sea-side town of Bryne, Norway, Norwegian dark horse, Geir Zahl of Reality's latest hit "Musikk" kindly grants us permission to get down and dirty with the man himself, a bottle of wine and an all out exclusive on life, love, and everyday conundrums.
We enter his flat at three in the afternoon. For regular folk at home, it's early to be breaking the bottle, but there is a feel of class that seems to surround the affair as Zahl sits us down and pours our fare shares.
It's not every day a celebrity invites strangers so openly into th
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Orig. Drabble: Anthony Munro
TITLE: Growing Up
CHARACTER: Anthony Munro
DISCLAIMER: All my own; my precious Anthony!
A/N: I'm not actually all too fond of this, but post and don't look back, right? Plus, I have been severely neglecting my baby for some time now, so I thought I'd better give him some attention before he rusts...
It's funny that when you're growing up and people ask you what you want to do with your life, as if at the age of five you'd somehow have unending insight into your own personal future. It's like they only do it to see how long you stick to one answer, or just have a good long laugh at your expense: "Awe, how sweet! Do you hear that, honey? He wants to be a fireman," they might say while you tussle with your stuffed Dalmatian on the floor.
Of course you don't even know what firemen do. To a child's eye, all they do is drive about in big red trucks that make "weeoo" sounds as they race down the street. It makes funny noises, and you liked funny noises, because, well, they were fun
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Get to Know Me? by XxXnoodleXxX Get to Know Me? :iconxxxnoodlexxx:XxXnoodleXxX 0 4
Belldom: Raindrops
TITLE: Raindrops (this is until I can find a more befitting title :P suggestions are ALWAYS welcome!)
RATING: Despite the fact that I constantly deny that I can write it, this is G rated fluff people.
PAIRING: Belldom - that's Matt Bellamy/Dominic Howard of Muse if you just happened upon this. So yes, slash. Read or not to read, that is the question, but I leave it up to you, the reader, to decide :) cos I'm nice like that!
SUMMARY: Dominic Howard loves the rain.
DISCLAIMER: I do not own these men. If I did, I feel it would be very wrong, because that, children, is called slavery, and is frowned upon in most modern societies.
A/N: Don't know why this wasn't on here, but this is OLD. Very, very old... and I hate it. I mean, I REALLY hate it. I can't stand it. But I thought it should probably go up. So here you go.
Also, the theme was graciously- or not- taken from Victoria's bad weather; that which I do NOT miss. Though, this isn't the way I thought it would turn out. Actually, if you h
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Mature content
Musikk Ch 1: 2 of 2 :iconxxxnoodlexxx:XxXnoodleXxX 0 0
Mature content
Musikk Ch 1: 1 of 2 :iconxxxnoodlexxx:XxXnoodleXxX 0 2
Mature content
Asylum: 3 of 3 :iconxxxnoodlexxx:XxXnoodleXxX 0 4
Mature content
Asylum: 2 of 3 :iconxxxnoodlexxx:XxXnoodleXxX 0 2
Asylum: 1 of 3
Title: Asylum
Rating: PG-13 for violence, some swearing, and psychological trauma.
Pairing/Characters: Geir Zahl/Janove Ottesen (sort of), Geir Zahl/Terje Winterstø Røthing (if you squint and use a telescope... or if you've got a pair of eyes; apparently it's obvious, but I wrote it and didn't see it, so meh)
Summary: Maestro explains everything, so go listen to the CD because there is no way to properly explicate this storyline in a single sentence or two... no way in HELL.
Disclaimer: I do not own these men. If I did, I feel it would be very wrong; because that, children, is called slavery, and is frowned upon in most modern societies.
A/N: Tried a new style of writing here, to better portray the circumstances of the characters. Also, everything that may appear as tense confusion was done on purpose for the sake of... well, confusion. And yes, dialogue is SUPPOSED to be like this.
At night he comes the most, sneaking into my dreams and waking nightmares, interrupting wh
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Daddy says Halleluja by XxXnoodleXxX Daddy says Halleluja :iconxxxnoodlexxx:XxXnoodleXxX 0 3
Mnemosyne: Chapter One
Chapter One
Dark had fallen in the northwest expanse of Paragon. Night winds swept over opulent fields creased with powdered snow and simmering shadows. The great lake at the base of the field shivered in time with the leaves of the indigenous silver Cravish trees as the wind caressed its winter-cold surface in turn.
Above the serenity of the scene, clouds lay heavily in the sky like cotton drenched in thinned black paint; a storm was soon to pass. Standing in tall grass of the field, hidden by the darkness, stood a man whose mind pertained to this very thought. He peered at the clouds as though they were the most difficult of riddles, or as if he were considering the integrity of their intentions.
In the dim, the man was a difficult sight. Even seen up close, if not for the cleanliness of his skin and his obvious fitness of form, he could have been easily mistaken for someone of poor reputation or decrepit nature, which was clearly not the case. His clothes were well made, strong and
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Der Vogelfanger bin ich ja by e-c-h Der Vogelfanger bin ich ja :icone-c-h:e-c-h 71 51 Ariel by SaskiaDeKorte Ariel :iconsaskiadekorte:SaskiaDeKorte 77 26 Omen by CarassiusVigorous Omen :iconcarassiusvigorous:CarassiusVigorous 78 6 Mine by NaSyu Mine :iconnasyu:NaSyu 3,627 204 Kashbirds by SaskiaDeKorte Kashbirds :iconsaskiadekorte:SaskiaDeKorte 18 8 Rain Over Via Emilia by akreon Rain Over Via Emilia :iconakreon:akreon 3,039 219 tree by James-Nicholas tree :iconjames-nicholas:James-Nicholas 2 0 Henry Lee by ViaEstelar Henry Lee :iconviaestelar:ViaEstelar 80 7 Only the Winds by SaskiaDeKorte Only the Winds :iconsaskiadekorte:SaskiaDeKorte 54 41 Koolmees by SaskiaDeKorte Koolmees :iconsaskiadekorte:SaskiaDeKorte 67 35 Window by SaskiaDeKorte Window :iconsaskiadekorte:SaskiaDeKorte 435 143 Helge Omen Risa by elisabethsmenesfrost Helge Omen Risa :iconelisabethsmenesfrost:elisabethsmenesfrost 24 24 Oh really? by elisabethsmenesfrost Oh really? :iconelisabethsmenesfrost:elisabethsmenesfrost 28 42 Drawing for Mathilde by elisabethsmenesfrost Drawing for Mathilde :iconelisabethsmenesfrost:elisabethsmenesfrost 21 71 Janove Ottesen by elisabethsmenesfrost Janove Ottesen :iconelisabethsmenesfrost:elisabethsmenesfrost 437 314 Thorin Oakenshield by SaskiaDeKorte Thorin Oakenshield :iconsaskiadekorte:SaskiaDeKorte 582 117


  • Listening to: Philemon Arthur and the Dung
  • Reading: Sandman- the Graphic Novel written by Neil Gaiman
  • Drinking: Coffee
I haven't really been around here much. How are you guys? I've miss you :) What's been happening? Give me a shout, let me know. It'll be nice to talk with you all again.

Also, should mention a massive countdown to the release of Kaizers Orchestra's new single for their upcoming album. There's 12 days left, and for each day down I post a photo on my Lj and Facebook (and when I remember, my Twitter too).

Not only that, but I recently updated "Caravan", if any of you started reading that and patiently waited for another chapter. It's at my Lj.

Anyway, can't wait to hear from you! :heart:


Call me Matty
Artist | Student | Literature
I am the perfect representation of the following:

>History Nerd
>Lit Enthusiast
>BBC fanatic.

WARNING- I am COMPLETELY obsessed with the following:

>Slash (Mann Mot Mann)
>Kaizers Orchestra (and variations of)
>Pwoper Fishes
>MUSIC (the unique, the weird, the wonderful)
>Banjo, tambourine, maracas
>Dancing Norwegians in flosshatter
>Flosshatter (and other sorts of hatter)
>Old films/black and white features
>Umbrellas (they're just so classy!)
>Vintage shoes (no preference of gender)
>Sharp suits
>Anything 20s, 30s, 40s in era
>Classical literature
>Oscar Wilde
>Russian literature
>English literature
>The World (namely Scandinavia and Europe)
>Doctor Who/Torchwood
>Sherlock Holmes/BBC Sherlock
>The Mighty Boosh
>Noel Fielding
>Julian Barratt
>Gary Numan
>Star Trek
>Psychological themes/twisted realty
>Conspiracy theories
>British Comedy Panel Shows
>Stephen Fry
>David Mitchell
>David Walliams
>Dry humour
>Good food (gourmet, if you will)
>CHEESE (quality cheese)
>Fine wine and mixed drinks
>Brown eyes

I have a distinct distaste for the following:

>Bad music (usually mainstream that gives me headaches)
>Impolite and/or immature people
>The school curriculum
>Jumping hoops/conforming
>Becoming one with the herd
>The misuse of vocabulary and/or grammar
>Fast Food
>Fashion industry
>Lowering one's intelligence to "fit in"
>People afraid to state their opinion or those who can't do so properly in that they are so forceful as to be rude

Current Residence: Vernon, BC
Favourite genre of music: Alternative Rock, Indie, Ompa/Kaizerock, Classical, Rock, 40's Swing
Favourite style of art: I like it if I like it, no preference :)
Operating System: Mac, the King of Computer Technology
MP3 player of choice: iPod Touch- his name's Helge :)
Favourite cartoon character: Shaun the Sheep


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Well, I'm glad you found me. I'm more active on Livejournal though, and I have MANY MANY more Kaizerslash fics up there for my private friends. My best friend also writes Kaizerslash, so I'm not entirely alone!

I would really love to talk to you more :hug: but perhaps on Lj would be better, because as I mentioned, I'm FAR more active on there.

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